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Brummer & Partners is a leading European multi-strategy, multi-manager firm empowering investment teams devoted to generate consistent absolute returns across market environments. 

This is Brummer & Partners


Founded in 1996, we’ve nurtured a partnership model which has proven to attract talented investment teams with a long-term approach that thrive in a collaborative culture.

14 bn USD
active positions

Portfolio construction and risk management

To ensure a well-diversified portfolio, the investment manager relies on a proprietary risk management system enabling multi-dimensional portfolio analysis. The dimensions cover real-time monitoring of risks, exposures and performance, combined with comprehensive analysis of the overall market environment. Our disciplined approach to risk also involves constructive dialogue with the investment teams to better understand the qualitative rationales behind the risks in the portfolio.

Empowering high caliber investment teams

Founded in 1996, we’ve nurtured a partnership model that enables teams to launch an investment strategy, while our infrastructure and operational support facilitate their focus on alpha generation. The investment teams manage their strategy as a pod within our multi-strategy, or by co-owning an investment management company with Brummer & Partners. This model has proven to attract talented investment teams with a long-term approach that thrive in a collaborative culture. Although a global firm, our Nordic heritage still characterises our talent pool and, to some extent, risk exposure.

Aligned for sustainable alpha

Our multi-strategy is an Article 8 fund and promotes certain environmental and social characteristics. Whether labelled ESG or not, we continually evaluate all factors that can have a material effect on a portfolio’s financial performance. Hence, all investment strategies integrate sustainability risks and opportunities in their respective investment decision making processes, to generate sustainable alpha.

This is Brummer & Partners

This material should not be regarded as a recommendation to subscribe for units in the funds or as investment advice. An investor planning to invest in a fund should first read the key information document, subscription documentation and information memorandum, including the fund rules, carefully. These documents are available on the funds’ website Investments in funds are subject to risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. The value of the capital invested in a fund may increase or decrease and investors cannot be certain of recovering all of their invested capital.

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